The Choral Bond and Beyond

JOIN VOICES, MIAMI! includes a documentary film project about choral alumni from Hialeah-Miami Lakes, Miami, FL.  Students part of the acclaimed “HML Singers” in the mid-1980’s reflect on their experiences in the ensemble and how it affected them then, and now. This idea was sparked by Dr. Karyl Carlson’s realization after a 30-year reunion that being involved in HML Singers made significant differences in many of the students’ lives; their stories need to be told! 

Several more HML Singers reunions have taken place resulting in a performance of some of their favorite music “back in the day.”  Singers have traveled from as far away as Indiana, California, New York, Washington D.C., and Costa Rica. Filming has taken place at all the events, such as one which current HML Singers joined with the Alumni in a caroling performance on Main Street in Miami Lakes, FL.  Individual and group interviews took place and are on-going, and one more reunion will be held in December 2018 to complete on-location filming in Miami. 


As a music education advocacy piece, JOIN VOICES, MIAMI! is expanding to current students and administrators in the Chicago Public Schools.  It will also include empirical evidence from a licensed music therapist and psychologist regarding the benefits of including music education for all.  Targeted for completion in late 2020, the film will be made available to all fee free.

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